Timeline – 1970s

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Apart from a poor year in '74 when Radlett left the Herts Competition to join a breakaway league of 16 clubs (which became the Bryan Grasshopper League), the early and mid '70s were a strong period: 21 wins against five losses in '72 and in '73, the firsts' best ever season, 23 wins and nine defeats. The picture is of the 1973 team.

Results of some midweek 20 over cup matches (click on result for scorecard):

Date Opponents Venue Competition Result
Wed 13 Jun 1973 Old Albanians Home JAL Cricket KO Trophy Won
Wed 21 Jun 1978 Old Albanians Away Herts Advertiser KO Trophy Won
Thu 12 Jul 1979 Old Albanians Home Herts Advertiser KO Trophy Won