Timeline – 1900s

1890s 1910s



Fixtures increased rapidly. 1903 saw 26, 1906 33 games and 1907 42 games. Results were poorish in the mid 1900s, particularly in 1907 when the 1st XI lost 12 out of 20 matches (however, the club did manage to play a total of 42 matches).

Existing records state that, "wet Saturdays without even the element of warmth militated against the talents of many of the Club's members, at least this seems to have been the excuse - why is should not have been the same for the opposing teams is a little astonishing".

The best player at this time was the opening bat, G G Dumbleton, from the large house at Organ Hall, who appeared for the County fairly regularly from 1902 to 1912. Mostly, he averaged over 20; in 1904 he headed the county batting averages with 38.83.