RCC Newsletter – April 1986

Winter is behind us – and few will regret its passing – and we can look forward to the spring and summer.

The Club is in good heart. Much has already been done. Our new 1st XI captain, Roger Morgan, has been particularly busy. He has formed a most energetic Cricket Committee and has had several meetings. Separate notices have been sent to all players telling them the plans for the new season. The winter nets at Haberdashers have been well supported.

Goff Green, the new Chairman of the House Committee, aided by John Clark, has spent several weekends in the Pavilion working in freezing temperatures. The result is new lighting, and a safe electrical system.

With much sadness I have to report the deaths of four members: Norah Dexter, Cyril Peters, Reverend Kenneth Blackburn, and Bruce Hensleigh.

The Fixture Card lists all the events for the coming season, but let me pick out three.

The “First Ball Cocktail Party” is on Saturday 19th April, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

We are playing Middlesex CCC – yes, the County Champions – on Tuesday 20th May, beginning at 2 p.m.. This is for John Emburey’s Benefit.

From Monday July 28th we have our Cricket Week, with a game at Radlett on every day.

I think our list of social and cricket events is as long as I’ve known it. It is designed to attract our members to become regular attenders, and to make sure you continue to enjoy the privileges of being a Member.

You will know that our bar is run by the Members. We are fortunate in having several willing helpers who do the 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. stint on a Sunday evening, but a few more makes the job easier for the ubiquitous John Bird, who is organising the bar rota this year. If you would care to help, give him a ring on Radlett 2630.

Finally, let me commend to your attention the “100+ Club”. John Spencer has worked out the details, and this is what he says:-

For the past three years we have been very fortunate in having Chris Wilkinson as our paid groundsman. This has been an extra cost of some £3,000 per annum, and although we have managed to cover it, we are not generating enough surplus to spend on much needed capital items such as new furniture for the Pavilion, and the replacement of worn out machinery for the ground.

Your Committee has decided that some form of fund-raising venture should be introduced.

The method chosen is to start a 100 PLUS CLUB. This will cost, in a year, £30, payable in cash or by Bankers Order at £2.50 per month.

Prizes will be drawn on three occasions this year, namely Friday of Cricket Week, End of Season Party, and at the Christmas Party.

At this stage, it is impossible to detail the prizes, but on each of the three occasions there will be a £250 prize plus whatever can be afforded.

Please will Social Members note that the Subscription is now £6.