1982 – ‘Loopy’ Holland takes over the 1st XI

May 1982 saw Randall, dropped briefly from the firsts, answer his critics with 153* in a second-team league game against Luton. But Radlett still lost.

Second team fixtures seemed to be tough that year. One of Finchley’s opening batsmen came to the wicket at Cobden Hill wearing a Middlesex II’s sweater. Only later did Radlett skipper Phil Rawlings, Dave Mundy’s successor, realise he was playing Finchley firsts due to a fixture mix-up. Result: Finchley declared just short of 200 and Radlett were all out for 23. Finchley apologised. At Finchley, incidentally, Radlett firsts declared at 193 for one, but were held to a draw.

Ian Holland, nicknamed Loopy, became first team skipper in 1982—a job which earned him a lot of good-natured ‘stick’ for very many years. But results improved.

The seconds had a fine 1982 season, winning 18.