1932 – Not a Good Year

One of the highlights in an otherwise abominable 1932 season with the bat was an unexpected win against Lye House owned by Jack Hall (Hall’s Distemper) at Bricket Wood. Hall’s side were all out for 48 with Radlett’s Tom Down, one of the Club’s main stock bowlers, taking 6-11 and Bob Woodbridge 4-33.

It was always a challenge to bat at Lye House, as it was customary for Hall to bring out half a pint of beer on a silver tray to be drunk at the wicket by any batsman scoring 50 and a full pint for a ton. Nothing was spared and the tables used to groan at lunchtime with full waiter service.

The records state: “So long as cricket can be played in the spirit in which Jack Hall and his friends play the game, England will not become a decadent nation nor need there be fear of such evil as communism”.