1909 – The Club’s Earliest Surviving Scorebook

Hard facts on Club performances start emerging in 1909 from the Club’s earliest scorebook. Arthur Breeds and Dumbelton pass as the Club’s leading pair of all-rounders around that period. As a bowler, Breeds – a short, stubby character – took 8-22 off St Albans ‘A’, 7-9 against the Architectural Association and 7-13 against the Newberries staff side which amalgamated with Radlett the next season.

Breeds rarely took less than five wickets in an innings. He always had one end of the pitch well watered on a Friday night and consequently devastated the opposition with his slows the next day.

Dumbelton, though not so successful (perhaps because of the end he bowled from) used to fill the ‘silent’ partner role. He took his fair share of wickets and like Breeds consistently reached the 40s as a batsman.

Unfortunately for Radlett, Dumbelton played badly and Breeds was absent in what must be one of Radlett’s biggest stuffings of all time. St Stephens Hampstead hammered Radlett’s bowlers for 302-5 dec. Radlett were all out for 39 – highest individual score, six.