1890 – The Vicar Succeeds

1890 saw new blood at the top with Forfeitt taking over as captain and F Clarke, the station master, as vice-captain. Navy blue and a black and white stripe were agreed as Club colours and they were not changed to the present purple, yellow and blue mixture until it was suggested by Jimmy Shields in 1967.

Again no records of results for this year, although what could have been a financially disastrous precedent for the Club was set. The year’s accounts log the item, “Finding ball – 1/-.”

The vicar was keen enough to insert match reports in his parish magazine ‘The Banner of Faith’ and once published ‘Some Useful Hints to Young Cricketers’:


1. Always wear pads – neglect of this rule leads to slovenly cricket.

2. The most important requirement in good batting is to play with a straight and upright bat.

3. Do not swipe at a straight ball.

4. Play cautiously at first and do not attempt to hit hard until you have got used to the ground and bowling.

5. In order to hit a ball to leg, put your left leg well forward and ‘mow’ round to leg with your bat.


1. The batsman should not run down the middle of the wicket. It spoils the pitch and may result in a collision.

2. Always run the first run hard and never run beyond the wicket.


1. Keep your legs together when the ball is hit straight towards you.

2. Throw at the bails – either a full catch or on the bound – and not at the wicket-keeper’s feet.

3. Keep your hands out of your pockets and never where a coat when fielding except in wet or very cold weather.

4. No one should be allowed to smoke while fielding.