The Pavilions

The players of the 2010s experience luxuries that in Radlett’s first playing season of 1885 could not be imagined. In fact, for the first 12 years the club had no permanent pavilion, relying only on a tent which was hired from Shenley.

In 1897 a thatched roof pavilion was constructed and was used until the move to Porters Park in 1928.

Radlett then had 10 years enjoying the splendor of a significant pavilion which is still in use today (albeit somewhat enhanced).

The move to Cobden Hill in 1938 meant that the club were again back to square one with a new pavilion needing to be built. This pavilion was on the site of the current pavilion and who is to say that there not some timbers surviving from the original.

This pavilion has undergone many improvements and enhancement until it is now one of the best club pavilions to be found in the UK.

In addition to the main pavilion, the club has a second pavilion on the lower ground and this was built in 19?? along with the scorebox on the main ground.

Those playing for the new 5ths when it was formed in the 199?s found themselves playing at Queens School and using a rather quaint little pavilion which was little more than two changing rooms with no running water.