RCC Newsletter – April 1977

A Newsletter was started ahead of the 1977 season, the task of editing it being in the capable hands of John Tattersall. Here are some excerpts.

From Mr F.G. Taylor – President. Radlett Cricket Club

Your Committee has decided that at least two Newsletters a year should be sent to all Members, and has invited me to write this introductory note to you.
This I have great pleasure in doing. Our Club has a Membership close on 400, and it is right and proper that Members should know what is going on, and what are the Club’s future plans, particularly for this coming season.

I hope you find this first Newsletter informative and entertaining and that we shall see you during this 1977 Season.

From David Taylor – Captain of the Club

As we rapidly approach another Season, I would like to invite you to support the Club again both on and off the field.

There are no first-class visiting sides this year. (We hope to have two next year), but the two league sides should give a very good account of themselves again and perhaps this year take the top honours.

The new ground is slowly beginning to take shape and we hope it will be playable in 1978.

I hardly need remind you that our bar facilities are second to none and at the same time ask you to make a note of the opening of the Season Cocktail Party which is on Saturday, April 23rd, 1977.

From Lesley Spencer – Ladies’ Committee

I would like to thank everybody for their help last Season and hope that for 1977 we will be able to keep up the high standard of lunches and teas.

The evening catering side will have to be looked into, with more of the playing members becoming involved. On certain evenings the opposition were not looked after in a manner we would have hoped for.

The organisation of this Committee requires a lot of thought so that it can run efficiently. I can only hope that with a little more effort from the teams, we will manage to make a reasonable profit to put towards new equipment for the kitchen next year.

Any new names for the tea – lunch rota would be very welcome. Thank you.

From Arnie Hubbard – Captain 1st XI

This winter has seen the successful introduction of the Benson and Hedges Hertfordshire Indoor League. Six players a side indulge in fast all-action cricket which has been warmly received from the viewing gallery at Woodside Leisure Centre,Watford.

A Players’ Committee has been formed to assist with ideas for “the improvement of playing standards and to organise the sharing of the work necessary for the smooth running of the Club. First ideas to be implemented are circuit training combined with outdoor nets and the issuing of work rotas on a monthly basis.

Colts coaching will commence on Thursday, 19th May at 4.3O pm. until 6.15 pm. and this year more fixtures have been organised to help with match practice.

The exciting 45 over knock-out competition starts on Thursday, 12th May with a visit to Hendon Buccannoers. Although primarily a first eleven competition, being mid-week all players stand a chance of playing if they have their kit with them!

From Jim Shields – Ground Committee

After many months of frustrating inactivity we have again started operations on the second ground but not without problems. The contractor, whose tender has been accepted for cultivating the top soil, started work on the first possible day but even then became bogged down in the sticky conditions. However, with the co┬Čoperation of two farmer friends who have promised to loan us other units, it is hoped that if the rain will only cease we shall be able to produce an outfield again ready for sowing.

Meantime, the new square has been sprayed, rolled and cut. The next operation will be to fertilize and then cut and roll ad infinitum.

All this will mean regular work by Club Members at every available opportunity.

The No. 1. ground is recovering from the extraordinary conditions of last summer and the wet winter and again we can only hope that the elements allow us to play the first match of the Season as scheduled and on a reasonable strip.

Thanks to regular help from the few faithfuls and intermittent help from a few others our enlarged garage is now in use and for the first time all our equipment is under cover but at a cost nearly ten times the original quotation of some seven or eight years ago.

To those who have helped – my sincere thanks. To those who have not – my entreaties. Please do, for surely 60, 63 and 67 year olds can expect a little help from the 2O’s and 30’s.

From Justin Court – Entertainments Committee

Once again, we are all looking forward to another successful season off the field as well as on it and we have arranged a very full programme of social events. There will be the usual evening games against Tabards, the Waggon and Horses, Porter’s Park and the Ladies and we will repeat last season’s fixture against the Biddenham Esquires. Those who remember the success of the New Year’s Eve Dance will be pleased to note that on 24th June we will be holding a Midsummer Dance in the Pavilion. Plan to watch the notice-board for news of events and we hope to see you all at, the opening Cocktail Party on 23rd April.

From Geoff Bird – Bar Committee

I must start this letter by thanking everybody who helped in the running of the bar last year, whether it was in the role of serving the drinks or clearing the bar after our successful evenings.

The support I received was very rewarding and I hope the same support will be given to John Tattersall, who this year is organising the bar rota. This job is one of the more difficult in the running of the Club and it is imperative that all Club Members can help wherever possible.

Here’s hoping the sun will shine again this year and that rewards will be shown both on and off the field.


John and Lesley Spencer who will celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary in May. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Button on the birth of a baby Son in South Africa. Peter Smith and Jill Furlong, who are planning to marry in June.
lan Holland on winning the President’s Award for the most improved player during the 1976 Season.
Geoff Bird on his successful cartilage operation. “Hutch” for being as indomitable as ever.

There is no truth in the rumour that:

Mike Dexter has won a fastest scoring award.
Ivor Golby is getting as fat as Marmalade.
David Taylor has had cramp again.
Peter Cook went to India with the MCC.
Donald Carr has broken the course record at Porter’s Park.
Jimmy Shields is speaking nicely to the Captains.

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