1931 – Radlett’s Yorkshire Links

Even in the ’30s Radlett had links with Yorkshire C.C. In 1931 Leonard Reid had Maurice Leyland and Wilfred Rhodes playing for him against the Googlies. Leyland was out for 19 and Rhodes for 39, while Reid stroked a superb 83 not out in 243-6 dec. The strong Googlies made a miserable 118 in reply but this was thanks largely to the Yorkshire pair.

Rhodes played at Porters again that season for former Radlett captain Cecil Clayden’s side in an annual fixture against the Old Blues. Rhodes took 7 — 90 and Clayden’s side would have won but for a dropped catch in the last over. Rhodes bowling to the last man arranged with Robert Woodbridge that he should walk backwards slowly from mid-on as Rhodes bowled until Woodbridge was fielding behind the bowler. Confident of getting his man, Rhodes bowled his last ball well up to the batsman for him to hit. Sure enough, the batsman took a dip and just managed to hit the ball straight over the bowler into Woodbridge’s perfectly placed hands — who promptly spilled it. The roar from the spectators could be heard for miles.

On such occasions, as of now, remarks in the changing room afterwards are unprintable except for Rhodes’ comment: “All I can say, gentlemen, is that much as I love cricket, thank God I don’t have to play with this side for my living!”