1919 – Returning to Find a Meadow

Imagine the state of a cricket ground not tended or played on for five long years. So, read the minutes of the April 1919 AGM: “Every possible step is to be taken to revive the activity of Radlett Cricket Club.”

A circular was sent to every householder in the parish about raising funds to revive the Club which needed £100 to put the pavilion in shape and buy equipment. The Railway authorities were not so jealous about advertising space then and so a large model of a cricket bat was set up opposite the station entrance and linked to a scale showing daily the subscriptions raised.

The money was collected within weeks and the new first team skipper, Cecil Clayden and his vice-captain Sid Watson (Roy Watson’s father), got play underway. The same year that wily slow bowler ‘Daddy’ Breeds passed on but the Club itself was reborn.