1907 – 42 games and 100 at the Dinner and Smoking Concert

Results were poorish in the mid 1900’s, particularly in 1907 when the first XI lost 12 out of 20 matches. Existing records state that “wet Saturdays without even the element of warmth militated against the talents of many of the Club’s members, at least this seems to have been the excuse – why it should not have been the same for the opposing teams is a little astonishing”.

The new owner of Newberries, George Miller, took the chair at the Club’s annual dinner and smoking concert, with its record 100 members, succeeding Henry Lubbock who had left the district although not without leaving a memory or two.

Lubbock once sent a letter to the committee saying that a local man ‘Chimnee’ Hawkins had been suspended by the Herts Football Association for bad language on the field. “I hope”, he wrote, “that Hawkins is not a Radlett Cricket Club member, because if he is, 1 cannot allow him to play on my park”.

The pavilion roof played up even in those days and thatching had to be undertaken.