1897 – New Thatched Pavilion

Bad results or not, they did work quickly in Victorian times. At the AGM in 1897 – the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – the Club shelved the new tent idea and opted for a thatched pavilion. Six months later, funds had been raised and the pavilion built.

It was small – about 20ft x 30ft – built on stilts with steps leading up to it and lit by oil lamps and candles. No bar, and for a long time players went to play ready-changed. There was an outside privy, though.

Radlett had a bumper jubilee season – played 19, won 12, lost six, drawn one – and it had to wait until 1908 before bettering this. The high point was the Mill Hill game and this time there was not time for extras. Radlett’s Wright and Forfeitt took all ten for 12 runs.

Local News

A water feature was added to the recreational area donated in 1896 by Charles Part to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.