1895 – First Colt’s Match

Good form continued in ’95 with an annihilation of London Colney, all out for 20, although Radlett were trounced on the same score later by a strong Watford Permanent Way side.

Colts cricket took its first recorded step that year when the choirboys of Radlett and Aldenham parishes fought it out in a four innings match. Radlett were on top until they were 10 for five in their second innings, only to be saved by the batting of one Jimmie Livings who received a prize bat for the highest individual score.

Hopefully no choirboy modelled himself on Radlett’s fielding against Mill Hill, who won that year because Radlett conceded 32 extras in Mill Hill’s total of 86 – Radlett made 56. Or heard about the Watford Brewery team who after losing at Radlett by one run, ‘found’ another run on returning home and reported a tie in the local rag.

Results slowly improved, as did accommodation. By now that much vandalised tent had worn out. Musicians suddenly appeared among the Club members and a string of concerts were held in aid of a tent fund.